Rectifier Relocation for Kawasaki Drifter

– -By Bill H.

Follow this instructions carefully to Relocate the Kawasaki Drifters Rectifier to add True Duals or to simply improve the aesthetics of your Drifter.

  1. Remove the regulator/rectifier from the stock bracket, then remove the bracket from the bike.

  2. Cut the wire ties that hold the regulator wires to the frame.

  3. Remove the left side floor boards, shifter arms and the engine cover. The regulator wires are inside this area.

  4. Reroute the regulator wires to the front of the engine to the radiator.

  5. There are mounting tabs on each side of the frame under the radiator.

  6. Make a bracket like the one below. (Pic 1) Paint or polish the bracket.

  7. Mount the new bracket to the frame tabs with the spacers between the tabs and the bracket…I put the bolts in from the front and used chrome acorn nuts on the back…they ARE visible.

  8. Then mount the regulator/rectifier to the front of the bracket…there should be enough wire to have a bit of slack in it.

  9. Zip tie the wires where needed then put the engine cover, etc. back on.

See images below:

Bracket DIY by Bill H.
Relocated Rectifier on a Kawasaki Drifter 1500

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