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According to Virg’s original write up if you currently have longshots on your Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter then there is a way to convert your V&H – LONGSHOTS to True Duals – right and left on the cheap 

Below are the prices as of March 2014. These are the parts/pieces needed to go to true duals with the V&H Longshots.

  • K-305 F (V&H rear head pipe for V&H “Touring Duals” for Nomad) V&H price: $71.05
  • K-301 HC (Right-side rear head pipe heat shield) V&H Price: $53.85
  • K-302 HC (Left-side heat shield for exhaust elbow) V&H Price: $54.78

The steps consist on the following:

    1. Call Vance & Hines and buy a Nomad bagger rear cross over head pipe. aprox. $89 with the shields.
    2. Now you take your top Longshot tail pipe off and then the head Pipe off. Add the Bagger cross over head pipe, when you Remove your top Longshot pipe turn it over and add it to the cross over Nomad bagger head Pipe on the left side.
    3. Build a custom bracket to hold it in place then mount it from your rear foot peg bracket. (Click Here For Template download)

    4. Adjust the top pipe so it set’s like the right side pipe does 
    5. Now buy a set of (V&H)Hottips fishtails and add to the ends. For this you will have to drill the left HotTip because the threaded holes will not line up using it on the left side” but the right HotTip needs no mod’s
    6. OK Now you have a Big opening where the Goatbladder used to hang . build a Tool box mount to Hold an old style Harley tool box, This will cover the open space nicely
    7. Now if you want you can put the long shots back as they where so you have convertable Pipes now, as duels they look like straight pipes”

Using the rear foot peg that I did the rubber mount mod to, I kind of winged it building the hanger and had to do a bit of bending and twisting of the hanger Bracket to clear things. It’s made of 1/8″ plate cut with a torch and cleaned up on a grinder and Drilled to fit the Tail section of the longshot pipe side mount, 2 bolts used ” single hole at the top to bolt in behind the foot peg bracket using the foot peg bolt or a 3/8″ bolt if your riding solo.

 ****Keep in mind that in order to fit Vance and Hines for Kawasaki Nomads on our Drifters, you will need to fabricate a left side mount. Nomad pipes hang from the bag mounts, Drifter and Classic pipes sit on top of the mount.

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