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Exclusive Drifter Riders stories and mods from some of our members with the most unique Drifter Customizations!!

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Here are some questions to help you get inspired when writing about you and your Drifter:

– How long have you been a member of the Vulcan Drifter Groups?

– Have you learned anything being a member of Drifter Riders?

– Any tips or advice for new members that want to mod their Drifter?

– What do you like most about being a member of the Drifter community?

– Who/what inspires you?

– If you could do one mod in particular to your Drifter what would it be? Why?

– What do you love the most about your Drifter?

– What’s a project you’re working on right now? Why is it meaningful to you?

– What do you respond when they confuse your Drifter with any other bike?

– What type of Merch or Accessories would you like for you or your Drifter to represent Drifter Riders culture?