Engine Type4-stroke, V-type, 2-cylinder, SOHC, Liquid cooled, 8-valve, Counterbalancer
Bore X Stroke88.0 x 66.2 mm
Compression Ratio9.5:1
Maximum HP42.7 kW, 58PS, 57.2HP @ 7500 r/min (rpm)
Maximum Torque64 N.m, 6.5 kg-m, 47 ft-lb @ 5500 r/min (rpm)
CarburetorKeihin CVK36 Constant velocity, Diaphragm-type
Ignition SystemTCBI
Ignition AdvanceElectronic
Crankshaft RotationClockwise from RH Side
Cylinder MaterialAluminum alloy with ferrous sleeves
FuelMin 91 Research/87 Avg. Oct. Unleaded OK
CoolantType50% distilled water /50% ethylene glycol base antifreeze
Capacity2.4 Liter
LevelLevel with radiator filler neck.


ClutchType Wet, Multi-disc, Manual
Clutch TypeWet, Multi-disc, Manual
Transmission5-speed, Constant mesh, Return shift
Shift Pattern (Bottom Up)1-N-2-3-4-5 (w/Neutral Finder)
Gear Ratios1st2.53 (38/15)
2nd1.65 (33/20)
3rd1.23 (32/26)
4th1.00 (29/29)
5th0.86 (24/28)
Primary Ratio2.184 (83/38)
Overall Ratio (Top Gear)4.405


Wheelbase1615 mm (63.58 in)
Seat Height760 mm (29.92 in)
Dry Weight2000248 kg (546.75 lb) (US)
2001-06542.4 lb
Curb Weight2000267 kg (588.6 lb) (US)
2001-06584.2 lb
Fuel TankCapacity15 liter (3.96 gal) – Called 4 gal
Tire SizeFront130/90-16 BS
Rear140/90-16 BS
Brake TypeFrontSingle Hydraulic Disc
RearSingle Disc
Brake SizeFront272 mm eff. Dia.
Rear242 mm eff. Dia.
Wheel TravelFront5.9 in (150mm)
Rear4.1 in (105mm)


Battery12 V 12 Ah
HeadlightSemi-Sealed beam : 12v 60/55 W (quartz-halogen)
Tail/Brake Light12 V 5/21 W
AlternatorThree-Phase AC – 23.5 A x 14 V @ 8000 rpm (~329W)


Year & Model2000‘00 VN800-C2:VULCAN 800 DRIFTER
2001‘01 VN800-E1:VULCAN 800 DRIFTER
2002‘02 VN800-E2:VULCAN 800 DRIFTER
2003‘03 VN800-E3:VULCAN 800 DRIFTER
2004‘04 VN800-E4:VULCAN 800 DRIFTER
2005‘05 VN800-E5:VULCAN 800 DRIFTER
2006‘06 VN800E6F:VULCAN 800 DRIFTER
Colors20001) Pearl Burnish Beige (X8)
2) Sky Blue (Q5)
2001Candy Cardinal Red (L1)
2002Black Pearl (B5)
2003Metallic Ruby Red (468)
2004Galaxy Silver/Ebony (686)
2005Galaxy Silver Type 2/Ebony (686)
2006Galaxy Silver Type 2/Ebony (686)
VIN Range2000JKBVNCC1 YA007001~
2006JKBVNCE1 6A0140001~
Engine No. RangeAllVN800AE000001 — ?
Engine No. LocationAllRH top crankcase, below carburetor


Valve Clearance Intake0.10 ~0.15 mm
Exhaust 0.20 ~ 0.25 mm
Valve Adjustment MethodMeasure between rocker arm and shim
Compression Pressure176 psi
Spark PlugNGK CR7E
Spark Plug Gap.7-.8 mm
Ignition Timing Idle5.0 BTDC @ 1,000 RPM
Full 35 BTDC @ 5,000 RPM
Pilot Screw Sealed—not adjustable
Idle Speed 1100 ±50 rpm
Engine OilType2000-04SE Class SAE 10W40, 10W50, 20W40, 20W50
2005-0610W40 API SE, SF or SG, API SH or SJ of JASO MA Class
w/Filter Change2.9 L
No Filter Change2.7 L
LevelOn center stand, wait 5 min, middle of window

OTHER (Fork oil, Tire pressure)

Fork OilType2000-04 >SAE 10W
005-06SHOWA SS 8 GO SAE 10W
Capacity2000385 cc dry
2001-6318-323 cc dry
Fork Air Pressure (Cold)0.0 kg/cm2, max 2.5 kg/cm2
Tire Pressure (Cold)Front  2.0 kg/cm2 29 psi
Rear Normal2.0 kg/cm2 (0-97.5 kg) 29psi
Rear Heavy2.25 kg/cm2 (97.5-180 kg) 33 psi

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